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Sterek AU | in which Stiles is attacked and left unconscious.

it was originally based on this prompt —Badass!Stiles is taught by Deaton to fight with a baseball bat and becomes one of the deadliest fighters in the pack. He’s hurt severely protecting Derek from a new Kanima (or alpha pack, doesn’t matter) and in a fit of rage Derek kills the thing. Stiles is slipping in and out of consciousness and hears Derek with him in the hospital confessing everything to him, love, talking about Laura and the Hales, everything. Stiles wakes up and Sterek.— by thisiswherestilesbelonged 
It was difficult to follow that story cause I couldn’t find all the caps I needed, so the photoset took another path

EDIT: I was reading PALE HORSES and it reminded me of this photoset. GO READ IT BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME

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